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A Message From Anna

Dear POCOCO Stargazers,

As a mom of two girls, I navigate between family and work every day, seeking that elusive balance. Yet, anxiety and sleeplessness have taken a toll despite my best efforts. A camping trip beneath the starlit sky unexpectedly rekindled a sense of calm and renewed confidence within me.

Still, that enchanting starry magic was absent at home. Amid the market's perplexing options for starry night lamps, I was struck by the idea of creating my own.

Partnering with photonics experts, I embarked on crafting an eco-friendly projector like no other. Unlike its peers, our projector doesn't mimic but reveals genuine cosmic visuals. We emphasize authenticity, embracing individuality, and encouraging everyone to be themselves.

This projector sets the ideal ambiance for unwinding and relaxation in low-light settings—perfect for home office, study, stress relief, insomnia, meditation, and even those romantic moments. And its unique design makes it an exquisite desktop accent.

Empowerment and authenticity form the heart of our brand. Through a comforting environment, we aim to unleash inner peace. We're staunch believers in everyone discovering their true selves within their unique space—free from self-doubt or pleasing others. By immersing ourselves in the serenity of the universe and nature, we can uncover and embrace our genuine identity.

This is more than just a product. It's a tale of confidence, balance, and authenticity. May it illuminate your life as the stars do.

Founder & CEO