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High Definition

10 Million Pixel+

Work Anywhere With Battery

Gifting With Blank Postcard

Eco-Friendly Design

The Real Galaxies

Set Times

POCOCO Galaxy Projector lens breakdown display

Unrivaled Clarity and Realism at Home

Our Galaxy projector is crafted with 7 high-transmission optical lenses and up to 2 million resolution, together with our 5K ultra-HD discs presenting authentic space imagery, generating an unbiased 130 square-foot projection, you can now encounter the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe within your own home!

7 Layers of high-transmission Optical Lenses

2 Million High Resolution

POCOCO Galaxy Projector - Black

Enjoy Your Own Universe

Immerse yourself in a design that mirrors the universe's enchanting allure, with a circular body reminiscent of Earth's elegance. Drift into a dreamy sleep beneath the embrace of 153,748 stars, turning your nights into a celestial masterpiece.

Spherical Earth-like body design

Real universe projection

Explore the Universe with Cutting-Edge Optics

Leveraging cutting-edge optics, our projector employs the latest LED lighting technology to reveal vibrant and genuine shades of cosmic wonders. Immerse yourself in a stunning visual display that captures the intricate details of stars, constellations, and galaxies with remarkable precision.

Advanced LED Technology

Extraordinary Precision

Vivid and Real Cosmic

Relying on advanced optical technology, the details of stars, constellations, and galaxies are displayed vividly, showing colors comparable to reality itself. Prepare to be captivated by a visual experience where the lines between simulation and reality are completely blurred.

Stunning Realism Galaxy

Vivid Cosmic Colors

Experience the Home Planetarium

Elevate your surroundings into a captivating home planetarium with the Galaxy Projector, revolutionizing the way you perceive the universe. Discover why it stands at the zenith of cosmic immersion and enchantment.

Immersive Home Galaxy

Drift into serenity beneath a canopy of stars

Black POCOCO Galaxy Projector on the desk

Upgrade Your Desk Aesthetic

Available in four colors, complements any table decor, making it perfect for gamers, professionals, and students. It's a great addition to any desk setup, enhancing your workspace and relieving all stress. Turn your desk into a window into space with our spherical galaxy projector.

4 Colors Can Be Optioned

Perfect decoration for rich desktop

  • What's in the Box?

  • Specification

    • What's in the Box
      • ① Galaxy Projector × 1
      • ② Packaging Box × 1
      • ③ Blank Postcards × 1
      • ④ User Manual Posters × 1
      • ⑤ USB-C Charging Cable × 1
      • ⑥ Diamond Stars Disc × 1
      • ⑦ Westerlund2 Disc × 1
      • Brand POCOCO
      • Maximum Battery Life 6 hours
      • Average Life 20000 Hours
      • Power Source AC & Battery
      • Wattage 1W
      • Voltage 5 Volts
      • Batteries 1 Lithium Ion batteries are required.
      • Batteries Required? Yes
      • Batteries Included? Yes
      • Item Package Quantity 1
      • Color Black
      • Material Plastic
      • Item Weight 1.7 pounds
      • Type of Bulb LED
      • Product Dimensions 6.18 x 4.72 x 4.72 inches
      • Assembled Height 4.72 inches
      • Assembled Length 6.18 inches
      • Assembled Width 4.72 inches

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Lachlan Grant
    POCOCO Galaxy Projector as a Therapeutic Light for Mental Wellness

    I tried several brands of projectors, and it was not until I used the POCOCO Galaxy Projector that I achieved the results I wanted, and even exceeded my expectations. Because life and work have caused problems with my mental health and caused me insomnia, I am looking for a way to truly heal myself. The projected light and projected images can calm me down.

    Gentle and Eye-Friendly Illumination Sets It Apart

    POCOCO Galaxy Projector is suitable for me. Its light quality is very good. It is different from other projectors. It is not dazzling and the light looks very soft. I can continue to watch without my eyes feeling uncomfortable. This is good for eyes like mine. Not easy for sensitive people, even the colorful images don't irritate my eyes.

    Elodie Moreau
    The Perfect Sleep Companion Boosting My Energy and Efficiency"

    It gave me the effect I didn’t expect. Its light brightness is not very high, but it is just the right brightness for sleeping. After using it for a while, I feel that my sleep quality has improved, which makes my work efficiency and My energy has increased, which has a great impact on me. I am so surprised!

    I was deeply moved!

    My husband gave me a gift. I didn’t expect him to be so attentive. I’m very grateful to him. POCOCO packaged it very well and came with a special gift box!

    It has a very good effect in relieving stress and aiding sleep.

    I bought this as a birthday present for myself, it suits me perfectly! This starry sky lamp is so beautiful, especially the Galaxy series disc, it’s perfect. I’ve been under a lot of stress recently, so I rely on it to sleep at night. It also looks very nice when taking pictures, it has a full sense of atmosphere, it is very convenient and practical, the operation is very simple, and the material is also very high-quality. Lying in bed and watching the stars before going to bed is also very effective in helping you sleep.