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High Definition

10 Million Pixel+

Work Anywhere With Battery

Gifting With Blank Postcard

Eco-Friendly Design

The Real Galaxies

Set Times

POCOCO Galaxy Projector lens breakdown display

Unrivaled Clarity and Realism at Home

Our Galaxy projector is crafted with 7 high-transmission optical lenses and up to 2 million resolution, together with our 5K ultra-HD discs presenting authentic space imagery, generating an unbiased 130 square-foot projection, you can now encounter the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe within your own home!

7 Layers of high-transmission Optical Lenses

2 Million High Resolution

POCOCO Galaxy Projector - Black

Enjoy Your Own Universe

Immerse yourself in a design that mirrors the universe's enchanting allure, with a circular body reminiscent of Earth's elegance. Drift into a dreamy sleep beneath the embrace of 153,748 stars, turning your nights into a celestial masterpiece.

Spherical Earth-like body design

Real universe projection

Explore the Universe with Cutting-Edge Optics

Leveraging cutting-edge optics, our projector employs the latest LED lighting technology to reveal vibrant and genuine shades of cosmic wonders. Immerse yourself in a stunning visual display that captures the intricate details of stars, constellations, and galaxies with remarkable precision.

Advanced LED Technology

Extraordinary Precision

Vivid and Real Cosmic

Relying on advanced optical technology, the details of stars, constellations, and galaxies are displayed vividly, showing colors comparable to reality itself. Prepare to be captivated by a visual experience where the lines between simulation and reality are completely blurred.

Stunning Realism Galaxy

Vivid Cosmic Colors