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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Optimal Placement and Spectacular Effects

It took me a few days to comment. The effect is indeed very good. Place it in the middle of the room for the best projection effect. Moreover, the higher the room height, the larger the projected area and the more shocking the visual effect.

Rekindling Childhood Dreams

The image displayed by the projector is truly breathtaking! Every time I see that individual floating in the vastness of space adorned in a spacesuit, I can't help but immerse myself as if I were right there. This isn't just an image; it's a bridge reconnecting me to childhood aspirations. When I was younger, I often dreamt of traversing the galaxies, and exploring the mysteries of the universe just like that brave astronaut. Now, each time I witness this scene, it feels like rediscovering that youthful dream and passion. This projection goes beyond showcasing technology; it touches the soul. I'm genuinely grateful for this experience, allowing me to reunite with my dreams once more.

Celebrating My Anniversary with the POCOCO Galaxy Projector Experience

My wife gave it to me for my wedding anniversary. I like it very much. Now I set it to 30 minutes before going to bed every time. It feels very peaceful and helps me sleep. This series of discs feel very three-dimensional as if I am in the Milky Way. I will consider buying another series of discs to experience it in the future.