Gorgeous Nebula - POCOCO Galaxy Projector Discs | 6 Pieces

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POCOCO Galaxy Projector disc - Whirlpool Galaxies

Customer Reviews

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POCOCO Projector: A Celestial Miracle in Your Living Room

After using the POCOCO star projector, I was profoundly shocked and satisfied. Using this projector at night in my living room, it perfectly cast the spectacular image of the Lobster Nebula onto my ceiling. The visual effect was not only stunning but also incredibly realistic, as if I was truly in the midst of the cosmos. Every detail was vividly lifelike, and the color rendering and depth of the nebula were awe-inspiring. This product undoubtedly enhanced my home experience, making my evening relaxation time more unique and enchanting. The POCOCO star projector is truly a perfect blend of home entertainment and education.


This is the first time I've found an affordable projector that's true to the night sky! What's really cool about this product as well, is the fact that you can buy even more slides separately at any time--making the cost a lot easier to swallow (since you'll want them all!). I love that it can hold a charge and that I don't always need to have it plugged in, which makes it easy to use around my little one, and it makes my desk space a lot easier to manage without all the fuss of messy cables <3 I've included an image where my overhead light is on, and you can see it's still bright enough to enjoy!


qual o nome das galáxias que acompanha o projetor?