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้ขœ่‰ฒ: Blue & Pink

Real Universe Imagery For Natural Calm

Unlike many fake Galaxy projectors on the market, POCOCO uses real starry sky images combined with high-definition lenses and cutting-edge optical technology, bringing the beauty and serenity of the night sky into your home with unparalleled clarity and detail.

Enhanced by HD multi-layerlenses.

Our Galaxy projectors feature 6 highly transparent optical lenses and up to 2M resolution and paired with our 5K Ultra HD discs, you can now encounter the awe-inspiring wonders of the universe in your own home!

Soft Appearance Design

The spherical design adopted by POCOCO Galaxy projector not only enhances the aesthetics of the projector, but also ensures that the light emitted falls softly on the eyes, creating a soothing environment.

Large Projection Area

The 78-degree wide-angle lens can generate a large projection area of 130ยฒ feet. You will be convinced that you are in outer space.

Rechargeable Battery

Equipped with a rechargeable battery, the product can be easily used in a variety of environments without the need for constant use of an electrical outlet.

30ยฐ Adjustment and Rotation

30ยฐ adjustment for working your way, after pressing the spin button, relieve all stress and unlock your inner peace as you gaze at spinning stars.

Low-Carbon Design

Made with recyclable materials like ABS andPC, and packaged using biodegradable paper and soy ink. They are designed excluding chargers, to reduce waste. When you use our products, you'll have peace of mind.

Customer Reviews

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Lachlan Grant
POCOCO Galaxy Projector as a Therapeutic Light for Mental Wellness

I tried several brands of projectors, and it was not until I used the POCOCO Galaxy Projector that I achieved the results I wanted, and even exceeded my expectations. Because life and work have caused problems with my mental health and caused me insomnia, I am looking for a way to truly heal myself. The projected light and projected images can calm me down.

raph antoine
Gentle and Eye-Friendly Illumination Sets It Apart

POCOCO Galaxy Projector is suitable for me. Its light quality is very good. It is different from other projectors. It is not dazzling and the light looks very soft. I can continue to watch without my eyes feeling uncomfortable. This is good for eyes like mine. Not easy for sensitive people, even the colorful images don't irritate my eyes.

Chouchou Kelis
The Perfect Sleep Companion Boosting My Energy and Efficiency

It gave me the effect I didnโ€™t expect. Its light brightness is not very high, but it is just the right brightness for sleeping. After using it for a while, I feel that my sleep quality has improved, which makes my work efficiency and My energy has increased, which has a great impact on me. I am so surprised!

I love this Galaxy Projector! I

Reviewed in the United States on December 17, 2022
I love this Galaxy Projector! I was mesmerized when i saw it and bought it for my daughter as an early Christmas presents. From the packaging to the product itself, youll surely know that the person who designed it really thinks about every details of this product. Its not even noisy even its rotating unlike other brands. My daughter always using it every night time whenever she goes to sleep, she said it feels like shes sleeping under the sky. Thanks for this amazing product POCOCO!

I'm really enjoying this product!

I've tried many different Galaxy Projector and by far this is the best one out of many. Stunning 5k projector and crisp images. Tons of images to choose from. I'm in love with the constellation images. Very bright and very calming just watching them. This is a prefect gift for anyone who loves astronomy. I'm really enjoying this product!