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Stunning Constellation Projection! Virgo Image is Absolutely Breathtaking!

I purchased this projector and used it to project the image of the Virgo constellation – it's simply breathtaking! The image clarity is incredibly high, capturing the details of the starry sky as if you can feel the tranquility of the universe. The design of the Virgo constellation is exquisite, with each star emitting a faint glow, forming a mysterious and beautiful constellation pattern. The projector's color reproduction is outstanding, truly resembling the experience of gazing at the stars outdoors. I am extremely satisfied with the product's quality and performance, and I highly recommend it to all friends who appreciate the beauty of constellations!

Very good horoscope chart

I bought the zodiac signs for me and my husband. They are very beautiful and meaningful. They are very special.

Companionship when lonely

It is very suitable when you are alone. When you open Projector when you are lonely, you will feel that you are not alone anymore, as if you are a small planet in front of a black hole, and there are countless planets, stars, and stars around you.

Belongs to the lonely self

If a person lives alone in a high-rise building, then buy a romantic starry sky and sleep with the projector on at night. Now who can tell whether I am sleeping on a bed or the earth under the aurora?

It was originally a gift for my children and I fell in love with it.

I bought a very creative atmosphere light as a Christmas gift for my children. The disc in this children's playground is very suitable for children. I am planning to consider buying other discs. I will also try out the Galaxy projector.

perfect gift

I am an old customer of POCOCO. It was Christmas time and I bought a new disc for my children. My husband and children liked it very much and the effect was very good. I am looking forward to the new projector series.

Very interesting disc

Children’s favorite thing is marine life. The new lithography projection elements this time are all deep-sea animals. I quickly bought a set. I was not disappointed. My first impression of the projection was shock, as I was swimming in the ocean.

Very good gift for kids.

The kids like it very much, and so do I.


This is the first time I've found an affordable projector that's true to the night sky! What's really cool about this product as well, is the fact that you can buy even more slides separately at any time--making the cost a lot easier to swallow (since you'll want them all!). I love that it can hold a charge and that I don't always need to have it plugged in, which makes it easy to use around my little one, and it makes my desk space a lot easier to manage without all the fuss of messy cables <3 I've included an image where my overhead light is on, and you can see it's still bright enough to enjoy!

My room looks like an underwater world

My room is like an underwater world. It feels so great to be able to see animal while lying on the bed as if I am lying on the bottom of the sea.
So cool!!1😎

Super beautiful disc!!!

How come there is such a beautiful disc? I love jellyfish so much. It is my favorite thing. I bought this new jellyfish disc as soon as it came out. The effect is really great!

Very nice new discs!!!!!!!!

It’s so cool. This new set of discs shocks me far beyond this. It’s very beautiful. My room has become very gorgeous. I love it so much!!!!


I wish there was a way to order a bundle, I seen this slide on Amazon and went directly to the source and found it, but wish they made more, but I am happy with the slide I ordered, it looks amazing...

Galaxy Projector | Star Projector | Black - POCOCO

Very pretty

Works great. Easy set up. Displays on a large portion of the ceiling in an average/small sized bedroom. I’m Satisfied with my purchase and would purchase it again.

Òtimo produto.

Chegou em casa esta tudo em ordem. Este Projetor Galaxy é um presente para meu Filho

Very nice

Very nice projector it changes the atmosphere and makes you relax. I just was hoping that more pictures be included with it for the price.

Great Value for Your Money

This is the first galaxy projector I've ever owned and I have to say I absolutely love it! It came all the way from China to my home in the U.S. and was in perfect condition when it arrived. I use it in my bedroom which I keep very dark with blackout curtains and the stars just look amazing, especially when you set the mode to rotate. The timer feature is also great 15, 30, and 60 minutes. I fall asleep to it every night. It creates a very relaxing atmosphere for the bedroom and I look forward to using it every night. I'm very happy with my purchase!


It's just amazing staring at the ceiling and at the same time wondering how our galaxy could be so georgious. Pococo's projector is a fantastic stuff, I recommend it to everyone :)

Galaxy Projector | Star Projector | Blue and Pink - POCOCO